Bay World Manufacturing, the original projection window supplier to the industry.

44 Years of Excellence

Since 1981, our reputation for uncompromising quality, performance and value go unchallenged. We manufacture and supply custom bay and custom bow window frames to many of the leading replacement window manufacturers in the window industry. Eliminates wood inventory and wood-cutting machinery while increasing valuable plant space and reducing product lead times.

Window Gallery

Scroll though our high resolution window gallery to see samples of real-world installations of our windows on your customers homes.

  • Three Bay Window (External)

    Twin Three-Lite Bays with Hip Style Copper Roofs

  • Three Bay Window (Internal)

    Three-Lite Bay with Light Oak Factory-Finished Interior

  • Four Bay Window (External)

    Twin Four-Lite Bays with Concave Style Copper Roofs

  • Four Bay Window (External)

    Four-Lite Bay with Light Oak Interior and Recessed Lighting

  • Three Bow Window (External)

    Twin Three-Lite Bows with Hip Style Shingled Roofs

  • Three Bow Window (Internal)

    Three-Lite Bow with Factory-Finished White Interior

  • Four Bow Window (External)

    Four-Lite Bow with Hip Style Shingled Roof

  • Four Bow Window (Internal)

    Four-Lite Bow with Light Oak Interior

  • Five Bay Window (External)

    Five-Lite Bow with Hip Style Gray Metal Roof System

  • Five Bay Window (Internal)

    Five-Lite Bow with Natural Birch Factory-Finished Interior

  • Box Bay Window (External)

    Box Bay with Hip Style Shingled Roof and Deluxe Style Knee Braces

  • Box Bay Window (Internal)

    Box Bay with Dark Oak Factory-Finished Interior

  • Garden Window (Internal)

    Classic Garden Window with Deluxe Style Knee Braces

  • 14 Garden Int

    Classic Garden Window with Dark Oak Interior

Why do so many window manufacturers choose Bay World
for their custom Bay Window, Bow Window, and Garden Window Frames?

Quick Turnaround

Two Day to Two Week production time to meet our customer's needs.

Largest Selection

Bay World offers the selection of projection window options and accessories, as well as all the samples, sales tools and displays in the industry.

Product Customization

Special Orders do not upset us!
If your customer can dream it we can build it!

Reduce Overhead

Eliminate wood inventories & cutting machinery and provide additional space for your core product lines.

Find a Dealer Near You

Bay World Manfacturing works directly with window manufacturersacross the United States and Canada. Click the "Find A Dealer" button to send us an inquiry. We will provide you with a list of local partners.